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David Fernandez (Vice-President)
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Mayra Uribe (Treasurer)
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    AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, under review in the 11-65 docket.

    May 23, 2011

    Federal Communications Commission
    445 12th St, SW
    Washington, DC 20554

    Re: AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, under review in the 11-65 docket.

    Dear Commissioners:

    While in the recession of recent years hit nearly all Americans, low income neighborhoods in particular struggle to rebound. With the increase in broadband accessibility it promises, the AT&T/T-Mobile merger may be a step in the right direction for these low income communities’ recoveries.

    AT&T’s merger with T-Mobile would broaden its 4G LTE offering to include 55 million more Americans than originally planned. The result of that expansion will be quicker, more seamlessly delivered education, social service and health care benefits. As Hispanic American communities fight their way back from economic disaster, it will help them to have better connected and therefore better informed students, teachers, and health providers.

    After the merger, businesses in Hispanic American communities will also be able to pursue success with more dependable wireless service and better communication capabilities with which to organize employees and appeal to customers. As these businesses improve their productivity, they may also succeed in lowering costs and finding themselves one again able to consider hiring new employees.

    The Central Florida Chapter of the Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, which works to advance the priorities of Hispanic Americans, believes that these citizens well-being, especially as it relates to their economic prosperity, would benefit from improved and more widely accessible high-speed Internet. Therefore, we ask that you please support AT&T merger with T-Mobile.


    Victor Sanchez, President and Members
    of the Central Florida LCLAA Chapter
    Chairman Julius Genachowski
    Commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker
    Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
    Commissioner Michael Copps
    Commissioner Robert McDowell