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    Archive for June, 2014
    Unite Here Local 362 and 737 Rally in Central Florida

    Thousands of Disney union workers rallied and marched together Monday evening as contract negotiations with the company continue.


    Central Florida AFL-CIO Young Workers

    Next Central Florida AFL-CIO Young Workers Committee: Wednesday, June 18th 7pm at UNITE HERE (1255 La Quinta Dr. Suite 214). Young Workers Social immediately after. 

    Join us and bring your friends!



    Farmworkers Arrested in Civil Disobedience

    By now most readers are probably aware that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor unexpectedly lost his primary election to Tea Party challenger David Brat.  Immigration reform had become an issue in the campaign, with Brat accusing Cantor of supporting amnesty and Cantor pushing back with the claim that he had blocked the Senate “amnesty” bill.  Some commentators have said that Cantor’s loss could harm prospects for immigration reform if it increases other Republican Members’ fear of the minority right-wing of the party that opposes reform.  Othercommentators, however, have pointed out that Cantor was no champion of immigration reform and that those Republicans who have been outspoken in their support of immigration reform, such as Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) and Rep. Renee Ellmers (NC), easily beat anti-immigration reform primary challengers.  Supporting this view are polls that show that the primary voters in Cantor’s Virginia district were not motivated by immigration reform, but by other issues. A poll by Americans for a Conservative Direction indicated that the vast majority of voters in Cantor’s district support immigration reform and that Cantor’s loss was due to, among other reasons, a perception that Cantor was more focused on national politics than local needs.  The poll found that 72% of those who voted in the GOP primary support the substance of comprehensive immigration reform, including 69% of Brat voters.


    Following his loss, Cantor resigned as Majority Leader, which means that House Republicans will be focused on electing a new Majority Leader over the next week.  Currently, the only candidate is House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who represents a heavily agricultural district that is 35 percent Latino.  Despite his constituency and numerous actions by activists, including the UFW, McCarthy has not yet taken a strong positions calling for meaningful immigration reform.  In a Think Progress article addressing this issue, Giev Kashkooli, the strategic campaigns director of UFW, captured the essential question:


    “The question for Congressman McCarthy is whether he will step up and take a leadership role in scheduling a vote on immigration reform that would invigorate the Bakersfield economy, hold abusive employers accountable, and lift farm workers out of the shadows; or will he continue ceding power to hateful extremists in the House Republican Conference to the peril of the people he represents?”


    McCarthy should heed the call of his district’s need for immigration reform, which is strongly supported by both Republicans and Democrats nation-wide. This week, released the results of new polls on immigration reform conducted in collaboration with ten prominent Republican polling firms.  The polling found that Republicans overwhelmingly support passing comprehensive immigration reform that specifically includes a pathway to citizenship along with other provisions similar to the Senate bill.  A recent poll by the Brookings Institutionand the Public Religion Research Institute also found that the majority of Americans in both parties support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.