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Central Florida LCLAA Chapter Officers
Victor Sanchez (President)
304 Appaloosa Court Sanford FL 32773
(407) 924-1802

David Fernandez (Vice-President)
9973 Timber Oaks Court Orlando, Florida 32817
(407) 494-1572

Mayra Uribe (Treasurer)
5319 Lake Jessamine Drive Orlando FL 32839
(407) 721-3433

Denise Diaz (Recorded Secretary)
231 East Colonial Drive Orlando FL 32801
(407) 451-2472

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    Archive for July, 2011
    Dream Activist

    July 13, 2011



    Dream Activist



    My name is Victor Sanchez and I am the president of the
    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA). And proud member
    of the American Postal Workers Union
    (APWU Local 1462).


    I stand before you today as a union members, a community
    activist and a father who is here to share with you why Central Florida LCLAA believes passing the Dream
    ACT and immigration laws are essential for the
    future of our nation.


    We are facing a crisis in this country because of
    Congress fails to push for immigration and Dream Act, what happens in the meantime? Working men and
    women’s homes are raided in the middle of the night. Crying children who are
    wondering why their loving and hardworking parents are being yelled at and held at gun point by
    people with the word “ICE” written across their shirts,. There are people who won’t see
    their husbands or wives come home because they were detained at their work place or were pulled over while
    they were driving and taken away
    because they are undocumented.


    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter will like to show support.
    Please contact me if you have any question or to
    see how our Central Florida Chapter can help you.





    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter President



    Pesticide Re-evaluation Division

    11, 2011

    Katie Weyrauch

    Pesticide Re-evaluation Division

    Office of Pesticide Programs

    Environmental Protection Agency

    1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW.

    Washington, DC 20460



    Dear Ms. Weyrauch:


    I’ am writing on
    behalf of the Central Florida Labor Council for Latin American Advancement in support
    of the proposal to provide pesticide labels in English and Spanish.


    pesticide manufactures to label their products in English and Spanish will
    increase pesticide user safety. Pesticide labels
    communicate information critical to the prevention of harm to human health and the environment. This includes
    warnings and precautionary statements, first aid information, personal protective equipment, and directions for safe
    use. According to national surveys, the
    agricultural workforces overwhelmingly foreign born and Spanish speaking, and most cannot read English. Workers who handle pesticides
    thus are unable to understand information
    contained on the labels that is critical to protecting human health and the environment. Providing pesticide handlers access to this
    information in a language they can read and understand
    will greatly reduce the risks of needless and dangerous exposures to themselves,
    to other workers, and to the environment.
    Workers inability to read pesticide labels puts them at
    risk. In a recent study in Washington State, farmworkers who could not read
    English exhibited higher rates of pesticides exposure than workers who could read English.


    Bilingual labeling is both a fundamental and practical
    means of protecting workers health and environmental


    We urge the EPA to adopt regulations to require pesticide manufactures to
    translate labels into Spanish. This is a common sense approach that recognizes
    the realities of today’s agricultural workforce and would provide increased protections to
    workers, their families, rural communities and
    the environment.




    Sanchez President and Members

    the Central Florida LCLAA Chapter