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David Fernandez (Vice-President)
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Mayra Uribe (Treasurer)
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    Archive for November, 2011
    Central Florida AFL-CIO,Central Florida LCLAA Chapter and Occupy Orlando. Occupied I-4 overpass

    Occupy OrlandoOccupy Orlando

    Central Florida LCLAA Members at Veteran’s Parade

    Vetran's day Parade

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Orlando Florida 11/12/11


    Immigrant Rights Groups Will Hold
    Press Conference Outside Joe Arpaio Speech on Saturday

    Groups from across the state say
    “Arpaio’s Not Welcome in Florida!”


    (Orlando, FL, November 12, 2011)
    Saturday at 4pm at the Orlando Airport Marriott, groups from around the state
    will be holding a press conference to denounce the Eastern Orlando Tea Party’s
    invitation of infamous anti-immigrant Sheriff Joe Arpaio, from Arizona’s
    Maricopa County, as the keynote speaker at their election year kickoff event, “Choosing
    Liberty 2012” taking place Saturday inside the hotel.

    From LCLAA

    event website promotes the sale of Arpaio’s “Pink Merchandise”, referring to
    the pink underwear  he forces his inmates
    to wear as humiliation. This is one example of Sheriff Arpaio’s draconian and
    racist tactics, which include chain gangs, feeding inmates surplus &
    spoiled food, and a tent city outside the jail that Arpaio has called “a
    concentration camp,” where at least one inmate has died from heat.

    “Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a clear example
    of how local law enforcement can abuse immigration powers by increasing raids,
    racially profiling anyone that looks immigrant, and creating fear in the
    community instead of protecting it from real crime,” says María Rodriguez
    from the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

    was instrumental in the passage of Arizona’s SB1070 in 2010. The law, which has
    been partially enjoined in federal court, mandates that police investigate
    immigration status based on “reasonable suspicion,” a provision which many have
    deemed the legalization of racial profiling. Florida immigrant rights activists
    helped spur the state to reject similar provisions in Florida this past
    legislative session, staging protests and sit-ins in the capital building.

    in Lake Worth, we’ve already seen the chilling effects of Secure Communities.
    We proved it last year, and we’ll continue to demonstrate that Florida is no
    place for racist laws or Arpaios,” said Radym Davis of the Palm Beach
    Coalition for Immigrant Rights.

    invitation of Brandon Darby, an activist-turned-FBI informant, as a presenter
    at the Tea Party event has also sparked reactions from the environmental

    “What is the
    Tea Party celebrating by exalting Arpaio and Darby, two people whose main goal
    has been imprisoning innocent people? This sounds more like the British empire
    than the American Revolution.”  —Panagioti Tsolkas, activist with
    Everglades Earth First!



    Victor Sanchez

    Central Florida LCLAA  (Labor Council for Latin American Advancement)

    Chapter President