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David Fernandez (Vice-President)
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Mayra Uribe (Treasurer)
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    Archive for June, 2012
    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter SB 1070 Press Release

    For immediate release
    Contact Person: Victor Sanchez 407-924-1802

    Today, the U.S. Supreme Court correctly decided that some provisions of
    SB 1070 were unconstitutional but the Court allowed the racial profiling
    provision to go into effect.

    The provisions of SB1070 that were struck down include: making it a
    state crime for an undocumented person to seek or engage in work in Arizona.
    The provision allowing for warrantless arrests of those suspected of
    immigration violations was also struck down by the High Court. Rights Working
    Group welcomes the court’s decision on those provisions of the law, noting that
    the decision should serve as warning to other states considering passing
    similar laws that such an unwarranted intrusion into federal immigration
    enforcement is unconstitutional. Though the Court upheld SB 1070’s racial profiling
    provision, the decision leaves open the door for it to be overturned on other
    grounds and opportunities for the lower courts to keep the law from going into
    effect based on existing challenges to SB 1070 from civil rights groups.

    As an organization that we fight for an immigration reform, we calls on
    the nation to stand with communities of color in Arizona, who will bear the
    brunt of this racial profiling law, and to continue  to fight for constitutional protections—such
    as the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of equal protection of the law—to be
    restored. WE also calls for passage of the End Racial Profiling Act, which
    would ban racial profiling based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin,
    and gender at the federal, state and local levels.

    We urges President Barack Obama to exert leadership in fighting against
    all forms of racial profiling, adopt policies that will require all law
    enforcement agencies to ban racial profiling. We also calls on all advocates of
    racial equality and fairness to redouble their efforts to fight against SB1070
    and all other discriminatory laws.

    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter Spanish Media Release

    Comunicado de Prensa               CONTACTO:    Victor Sanchez

    para la inmediata puesta en libertad o Comunicado
    público Inmediatamente


    21 June 2012                                                                                        





    Quedarse En Silencio Es No
    Conseguir Nuestro Voto

    – Víctor Sánchez, Presidente del Capítulo de la Florida Central del Consejo Sindical
    Para El Avance Del Trabajador Latinoamericano (LCLAA), tiene un mensaje para
    candidato presidencial republicano, Mitt Romney—ahora es el tiempo para decir
    donde realmente se destaca en la política de inmigración. “No creo que
    Romney sepa lo  importante que es el
    status de inmigracion para los hispanos en la Florida. Si quiere nuestro
    voto,  el Señor Romney necesita tener un
    buen plan que proporciona un verdadero camino a la ciudadanía.”


    Romney no es claro acerca de donde él se encuentra en
    una variedad de temas de inmigración. Al mismo tiempo, declaró que no creía en
    obligor a 11 millones de personas a salir de nuestro país a punta de pistola y,
    en otro momento, Romney dijo que todos los inmigrantes ilegales deben hacer
    “self-deportation”. Cuando se le preguntó su postura de no prometedora,
    la Directiva de la Departamento de seguridad nacional del Presidente Obama para
    deportar a los inmigrantes elegibles con el “DREAM Act” el es silencioso.


    Gobenador Romney dijo que apoya, “inmigración
    legal”, pero no admite la “amnistía” en cualquier forma. Esto
    deja mucho margen para la interpretación y preguntarse: ¿por qué él tiene miedo
    de defender su posición? La respuesta, por supuesto, es que necesita el voto
    hispano y tiene miedo de perpetración con su verdadera posición sobre inmigración,
    que probablemente está estrechamente alineada con el de su base conservadora.


    Si Gobenador Romney cambiando posiciones es
    irrespetuoso con los votantes hispanos que deseen tener una imagen clara de la
    posición del candidato, entonces también es irrespetuoso con los Republicanos
    base que necesita un candidato que no tiene miedo de tomar decisiones sobre
    temas difíciles.

    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter English Media Release

    Media Release                             CONTACT:       Victor Sanchez

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                             407-924-1802

    June 21, 2012                                                                                       




    Silence Won’t Get Our Vote


    – Victor Sanchez, Central Florida Chapter President of the Labor Council for Latin
    America Advancement (LCLAA) has a message for Republican presidential candidate,
    Governor Mitt Romney – it’s time to come clean on where he actually stands on immigration
    policy.  “I don’t think he realizes just
    how important an issue this is to Hispanics in Florida.  If he wants our vote, he better have a good
    plan that provides a true path to citizenship,” stated Sanchez.


    In the past, Romney has been less than clear about
    where he stands on a variety of immigration issues. At one time he stated that
    he did not believe in forcing 11 million people to leave our country at
    gunpoint and, at another time he proclaimed that all illegal immigrants should
    exercise “self-deportation”.  When asked
    about his stance on President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security directive
    promising not to deport DREAM Act-eligible immigrants, he is – not surprisingly
    - silent.


    Romney has said he supports “legal immigration” but does
    not support “amnesty” in any form.  This
    leaves a lot of room for interpretation and begs the question – why is he
    afraid of advocating for his position?
    The answer of course is that he needs the Hispanic vote and is afraid of
    disenfranchising them with his true position on immigration, which is likely a harshly
    partisan restriction more closely aligned with
    that of his conservative base.


    If Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping is disrespectful to the
    Hispanic voter who wishes to have a clear picture of the candidate’s position, than
    it is also disrespectful to the Republican base that needs a candidate who is
    not afraid of making decisions on tough issues.