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Central Florida LCLAA Chapter Officers
Victor Sanchez (President)
304 Appaloosa Court Sanford FL 32773
(407) 924-1802

David Fernandez (Vice-President)
9973 Timber Oaks Court Orlando, Florida 32817
(407) 494-1572

Mayra Uribe (Treasurer)
5319 Lake Jessamine Drive Orlando FL 32839
(407) 721-3433

Denise Diaz (Recorded Secretary)
231 East Colonial Drive Orlando FL 32801
(407) 451-2472

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    Archive for September, 2013
    Florida AFL-CIO Hall of Fame Gala Celebration

    Central Florida LCLAA Chapter congratulates Brother Victor Torres for this Award.  Victor’s lifetime of service began when he joined the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War. After his service in the U.S. Marine Corps, he ensured safety and order in his community as a police officer for the New York City Transit Police. After twenty years, Victor retired from the New York City Transit Police as 2nd Grade Detective.

    In 1993, Victor relocated his family to Florida, joined ATU Local 1596 and continued his community service as a volunteer and leader for several community organizations, the labor movement, and grassroots efforts. Victor has been married to Carmen L. Torres for over twenty years, and they are the proud parents of five children and grandparents to eight grandchildren.

    Brother Torres has established a strong reputation as a committed political activist and an effective leader in the Labor Movement through his work as Political Coordinator for ATU Local 1596, Vice Chair of the Central Florida LCLAA Chapter, and strong dedication to the Central Florida Labor Council.Victor Torres

    Central Florida AFL-CIO Labor Day Picnic (Downtown Orlando)

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